The Archive

An extensive archive and library has been built up over the last 40 years, which holds all relevant genealogical publications and allows Muggenthaler Research to work for their clients in the most effective way possible regarding costs and time efforts.

Muggenthaler library holds a unique collection of Holocaust related books, studies, memorial documentation and prewar addresses. The archive contains 100.000s of names and documents including a unique collection of more than 70.000 Hungarian Holocaust survivors, with names, places of birth and years of birth as well as the first residence after the war.

The archive also has a listing of 58.000 Polish Holocaust survivors.

Several 10.000 datas of Holocaust survivors from Romanian and Czechoslovacian areas are also part of the collection.

Muggenthaler Research is working on a study about the suicide during during the Holocaust. The study consists of thousands of names of victims, letters and testimonies. Should you want to ad information to this non profit making project, we would be very happy to include your information. For this please contact: